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Krete Freerunning is dedicated to supporting the Spokane Parkour community and its youth by growing strong, positive, and respectful athletes. The process of learning Parkour has many benefits including increased physical fitness and awareness, and learning how to manage fear with small steps and progressions.

meet the team


Quen Phothivongsa

Quen Phothivongsa and Daniel Grable started Krete Freerunning in 2017 to document their adventures while testing their athletic limits! Being the outgoing one of the group, Quen has been able to build relationships with many athletes from different communities which has helped get Krete to where it is now.

Daniel Grable

Daniel started Krete Freerunning with Quen Phothivongsa in 2017, and they have never looked back since! Daniel has since dedicated all of his time into mastering as many skills and techniques in parkour to be the best athlete he can possibly be, and be able to find the most efficient ways to teach to his students!


Tucker frye

Tucker was added to the Krete Freerunning not too long after its creation, and has been a focal part of the team since! His creativity inspires so many throughout his movement and his other talents like video editing!

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