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Check out some our favorites from our Youtube channel

Before Krete Academy ever became a fully realized parkour gym there was Krete Freerunning. We have always been a parkour athletic team and we have members not just in Spokane but we have members through out the states as well! One of our favorite activities as an athletic team has been going out to local spots, training and gathering clips, and editing them into awesome action reels! Check out the videos below to see some of, what we feel, are 5 of the most essential Krete Freerunning videos!

Concrete Killers is our Annual team video, our once a year chance to showcase some of our most favorite clips from the past year. Keep an eye at for CK7 coming out soon this year!

Softies is similar to concrete killers, in the fact that it is a once a year video that we release to showcase our teams skills. However, unlike Concrete Killers, Softies is purely in-gym clips with soft mats allowed!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year and we love an excuse to put on a costume and do flips and parkour. Now with a physical location, we will be putting out a yearly video on KRETure jam to showcase the student who attend our yearly Halloween event!

Finally, Krete loves to travel and visit other parkour gyms or just jam and train with friends! This video in particular showcases the week long road trip that Krete took to California and some of the AMAZING times we had!

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